World War II and New York City

Oct 2012 | New-York Historical Society

Twelve interactive kiosks featuring short documentaries, photographs and stories about New York and it's critical role in the national war effort. A companion exhibition took place in New-York Historical Society from October 05, 2012, to May 27, 2013. Video production by Ducat Media.

wwii-and-nyc-intro.jpg 01
wwii-and-nyc-map.jpg 02
wwii-and-nyc-map-location.jpg 03
wwii-and-nyc-map-closeup.jpg 04
wwii-and-nyc-schultz.jpg 05
wwii-and-nyc-schultz-image.jpg 06
wwii-and-nyc-schultz-image-closeup.jpg 07
wwii-and-nyc-video.jpg 08